Beal Street, Memphis

When Richard is on his computer he often listens to Drake & Zeke on Rock 103 via the internet. The radio station is located right in the middle of Beal Street, Memphis. The things that these two say would get them a life time ban from broadcasting in England. Richard sends them a few emails every week, and built up a bit of a rapport with them.

When we went to Memphis in September 2000, we telephoned the radio station and met up with them in a bar. We had several beers, and met a young man who was called 'pudding'.

'Pudding' with a Bud 'Lite'

'Pudding' offered to show us Beal Street, so off we went. First of all he showed us the Rock 103 radio station and gave us a whistle stop tour of the studio, I had imagined that the actual studio was a lot bigger, strange how you get a mental picture of something.

Beal Street - The Blues Cafe

Beal street is full of bars and clubs playing live music, it is just an amazing place. The atmosphere is so vibrant

Richard & Alison In One Of The Bars