Most people fly direct to Florida. We had to be different didn't we, no we drove from Biloxi, Mississippi down to Orlando. The journey took us going on 12 hours in the car.

If you have driven any distance in the American south you know what we mean when we say that the flies are a pain. The flies  seem to have a death wish, they just fly into the windscreen, and after a while you have to pull into a petrol station and scrape them off with a special screen wipe.

Our visit to Florida only lasted a few days, but did we cram a lot of stuff in. We visited four  of the Disney Parks, Daytona Beach  and the Kennedy Space Centre.

Now most people when they go to Florida, say how cheap the petrol is, but we found that it was going on 20 cents a gallon more expensive than in Memphis. What am I saying its still a lot cheaper than the UK.


We arrived in Orlando at about 10 pm  we felt so tired after the drive, all we wanted was a shower and some thing to eat. Now that was a bit of a problem, every hotel we tried was fully booked or we did not like the look of. Eventually we found a nice clean hotel, which was a member of the 'Howard Johnson' chain.


Our Hotel In Florida  Our bedroom


We checked into the hotel, had a quick shower and looked for some thing to eat, we ended up having a Mexican in a restaurant called 'Chillies' and then we went to bed and did we sleep.