Every couple of years we go to Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States to visit Alison's aunt. 


We have just returned from Memphis following Kitty & James wedding in Biloxi, MS


I have never known it as hot  in Memphis, not just the humidity but the sun was cracking the flags, it must have been 105 every day. What an excuse to have a bud !


The Memphis gang are what we have come to call all the lovely people that live near to Alison's aunt, they are (in no specific order) Steve "the coach" and Wanda his wife "the principal",  Lyn and Edwina and of course James.



Here are  some pictures of the gang


Lyn & James dressed to impress....                          Alison's Aunt 'Kitty'

Or have they just lost their shirts at the Casino?


Steve, James, Kitty & Lyn doing that all important 'Yard Work'



Lyn & Edwina sat on the rock !

(That's an 800 foot drop behind them. I know because I have seen it !!)


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