The main reason that we went to America in 2000 was to attend Kitty and James wedding. Although Kitty & James live in Memphis, the wedding was held in Biloxi, which is located on  the Gulf Coast in Mississippi.


The European contingent started off with Alison and myself, then grew to four with Alison's parents Monica and Trevor, then to six with Paddy & Bridie, then seven Eileen (Alison's aunts and uncle)

Monica, Trevor and ourselves flew from Leeds over to Amsterdam, and met Paddy, Bridie and Eileen who had flown in from Dublin. We then all flew over the Atlantic to Memphis. 

We knew that Memphis was experiencing a bit of a heat wave, but wow when they opened the aeroplanes door the heat just hit you. It must have been in the 100's and this was 7 in the evening.

Lucky for me James had put a few cans of Budweiser in the fridge so we were set for the night.


We arrived on the Sunday evening in Memphis and travelled down to Biloxi, MS on the Friday, leaving at about 5am in the morning. 


The journey took about 7 hours including a few stops. I think that its about 400 miles. Now at the time we thought that this was a long journey. Little did we know.


We stopped at a little cafe called the 'Waffle House' it only had about 10 tables in it. I'm not sure what the staff thought when three English people, four Irish and three Americans walked in together (Susan, Kitty's daughter joined us from New York for the drive down)  Europeans wanted  strong hot Tea, which is not the easiest thing to find in Mississippi, whilst the Americans wanted Coffee. So after liquid refreshments we continued down to Biloxi.